Christmas Day

Sunday, December 28, 2008

We managed to stretch out our holiday into a Week of Christmas, but the actual Christmas Day was pretty fun, too. Henry and Eleanor gave us a special Christmas treat and slept in until almost 9:00. Andy, Julie, the babies and I wandered out to the tree, where Santa had left a few gifts. The babies loved the M&Ms in their stockings, and were excited to nibble on them before breakfast. I cooked up some scrambled eggs and pancakes, and we all enjoyed a leisurely breakfast together.

Playtime and naptime and more playtime followed, and then we headed outside to play. While we were outside, Mom and Dad arrived. When Henry and Eleanor saw the truck, they were first a little leery; Eleanor started saying “no, no, nooooo,” and trotted off to the backyard. However, once she saw Grandma get out of the truck, she ran to Grandma as fast as her little legs would carry her and flung herself into Grandma’s arms.

After a Christmas dinner of chili, Grandma brought out the cookies she had baked to decorate. Julie and I iced them, and Henry and Eleanor added the sprinkles. They had so much fun shaking out the sprinkles and then eating them. Their little hands and faces were multi-colored from the sugar when they were finished, so off to the bath they went. After baby bathtime and bedtime, Andy, Julie and I battled on the Wii. It was a leisurely day, with the promise of more Christmas celebrating over the weekend.


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