PukeFest '08: Day Five

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

PukeFest ’08 is still going (relatively) strong here at the FlesWorthy household. All we need are some hippies camping out in our yard, and a side stage or two, and we could easily rival Lollapalooza.

Our main problem seems to be that we don’t have an appetite, so we don’t eat, and when we do eat, we get sick to our stomach, so we’re all pretty weak and run down from lack of eating. Andy was home from work yet again today. Henry and Eleanor would have bursts of playing, but then would stop and lie down on the floor. I hope (knock on wood) (fingers crossed) that we’re on the tail end of this, but we’re definitely not bouncing back as quickly as I had hoped.

But you don’t want to hear any more about our tummy troubles, do you? Instead, let’s take a moment to thank the Official Sponsors of PukeFest ’08, who make all this fun possible.

Pinheads Play*A*Lot: Primary Sponsor and Exclusive Virus Provider

Lysol: Official Disinfectant of PukeFest ’08

Crackers: Exclusive Provider of Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper

Pampers and Scott Toilet Paper: for our "other-end" needs

Jammies: Official Uniform of PukeFest ’08

Gatorade: Official Beverage of PukeFest ’08 participants


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