Haircuts, Hamburgers, Hanging Out

Monday, November 24, 2008

Today we enjoyed another one of Andy’s vacation days. We had planned on taking Henry and Eleanor to the Children’s Museum for some Flesworthy Family Fun, but were thwarted when we discovered that the museum is closed on Mondays. Instead, we went and got Henry a much-needed haircut. We took him to a kids’ place, where he sat in a car-shaped chair and watched an Elmo DVD during his cut. He did great until it was time to trim his bangs; then he freaked out a little bit over his hair being brushed into his eyes. They had a train table and a slide, which kept Eleanor entertained while she waited on her brother. Eleanor is quite the slide connoisseur.

After the haircut we ate lunch together at Culver’s, which seems to be our new go-to family-friendly cheap-and-fast restaurant. Henry and Eleanor really enjoyed getting to have some chocolate custard for dessert. Andy and I usually just steal bites of the babies’ custard, but we got our own today. I had a carmel cashew sundae, and how come I never thought of putting cashews in ice cream before because it is totally delicious. They didn’t skimp on the cashews, either. I think I have myself a new Favorite Treat.

All the family bonding wore us out, so we came home and all of us took a nap. Andy let me nap a little longer than everybody else; seriously, this man deserves his own special Why Andy Is Awesome post some day soon. This afternoon was spent hanging out with the babies and enjoying having Daddy home with us.

lounging with Daddy; check out Henry's new coif

Henry and Eleanor are starting to squabble more over toys/sippy cups/etc., which can really grate on your nerves and you start counting down the minutes until bedtime. But then not more than two minutes later they’ll be chasing each other around and giggling and you think your heart is just going to burst clear out of your chest with joy, because we waited and waited and worked so hard to be able to have a loud, noisy, laughter-filled home.

For example, Andy was fixing the babies supper tonight, and Henry spotted a bean, and said “bean,” to which Andy replied, “yeah, Henry, that’s a bean.” We don’t know what exactly from this exchange got Henry and Eleanor fired up, but they proceeded to run around the kitchen, down the hall, back into the kitchen, yelling “beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean! beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean!” After several minutes of this, it devolved into general yelling and running about and crashing into each other, with fits of giggles interspersed throughout. It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a while. I didn’t grab the camera until it was almost over, but here, check out the tail end of the bean frenzy:

I probably can’t top that, so I’ll just close by saying I went to my Twins Club meeting tonight, and then out to eat with three other awesome twin moms. We stayed in our booth for a few hours, chatting about anything and everything. It is soooooooooo nice to get out of the house and get adult interaction. After being cooped up for a week in our PukeFest ’08 cesspool of germs, a night like tonight was exactly what I needed.


Aimee Ash said...

Glad to see the clan is better after the flu--we had the same bug, so I missed the meeting! Hope to see you at the x-mas gathering

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