Flesworthy Family Fun: Fall Picnic

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yesterday afternoon we continued our fun Halloween weekend by attending our twins club fall picnic, held at a local state park. We had a good time going down the big-kid swirly slide…


...playing on the fake rocks...

...and coloring.

Other not-pictured good times included eating hot dogs and potato chips for supper, running in the field and then away from Mommy and Daddy towards the parking lot, and looking at pumpkins and thinking the bottles of paint used for decorating the pumpkins were really bubble bath.

At one point, I was roasting marshmellows and looked over to see Andy holding a sobbing Henry. "He fell off the table," Andy said, and, excellent mother that I am, I was all, "la la la OK back to making my s'more!" Um, yeah, I didn't realize that the poor kid hit every available picnic-table surface on his way down. Henry's sporting a nice little bruise on his cheek now.

The highlight of the picnic was the hayride that we got to take around the state park. The leaves are at their peak of colorfulness, and there were lots of lovely views to enjoy. Henry and Eleanor liked playing in the hay; Henry spent some time putting hay on the knee of the mom sitting next to him, then brushing it off. For some reason, though, every photo we took on the ride turned out terribly. We all looked stoned (perhaps I should say it was the HIGHlight of the picnic). We were sitting too close to the tractor fumes, perhaps?

Andy: duuuuuude.

Henry: duuuuuude.

Eleanor: duuuuuude.

Jennifer: duuuuuude, I'm so hungry, hey look, are those burritos?


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