What? I'm Sorry, I Can't Hear You Over All the Screaming

Thursday, October 30, 2008

So, yeah, we’re experiencing some sleep issues here at the FlesWorthy house. Poor Henry, I’m not sure what his problem is. Separation anxiety, perhaps? Weird growth spurt, maybe? Whatever, the dude just needs to SLEEP. Is that so hard?

Last night Andy and I woke up around 1:45 a.m. to the sound of Henry wailing. Andy got up and changed his poopy diaper. Henry still wouldn’t calm down, so Andy spent some time snuggling in the big chair in the nursery. Everybody went back to sleep, only to wake up about an hour later to more Henry screaming. More snuggles with Andy, then more screaming as Andy put Henry back in his crib. Andy and I fell back asleep to the sound of Henry crying. Eventually Henry calmed down and was out for the rest of the night.

And right now the babies are supposed to be napping, but Henry has been crying for the past hour, which is keeping Eleanor awake and mad, too. I tried taking Henry to my bed to nap with him, but then Eleanor started sobbing because WHERE DID YOU GO COME BACK COME BACK. So now they’re down the hall, screaming (Henry) and babbling (Eleanor) and Mommy is thankful she has lots of Diet Pepsi and four bags of Halloween candy to get her through the afternoon.


the kringalings said...

This was soooo my day yesterday. I should just cut and paste it into my blog. What was the moon like?

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