19 Months

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things I’ve mentioned a gazillion times already but are still true: how come time goes by so fast, and aren’t my kids so cute?

After a whiny day yesterday, Henry and Eleanor were full of cuteness today. Like, so cute that I’m glad they’re not like this every day or else my head might explode from cuteness overload. We went to a playgroup this morning, where the babies played in a pretend kitchen for the first time. After lunch and a nap, Henry and Eleanor ate graham crackers and snuggled together and gave out lots of kisses and hugs. At supper tonight Henry loved to dip his tater tots in ketchup, while Eleanor yelled “touchdown!” and giggled with Daddy.

They are 19 months old today and again I’m wondering, where does the time go? They are such fun, engaging, smart, loving, sometimes exhausting, curious, playful little people. Over the past month it seems like their brains are absorbing new things at an ever-faster pace. They’ll say “night-night” now, and love to watch Wheel of Fortune and shout out random letters, and sign “more” when they’re still hungry. Another thing I’ve mentioned a gazillion times already but still is true: I am so thankful to be their mom.


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