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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I’ve been running behind all week, so it’s only fitting that I write about yesterday’s events today.

So anyhow. Yesterday morning I took Henry and Eleanor to a local bookstore for story time. Mapquest lied to me, and what was supposed to be a 25-minute drive took closer to 40, so we completely missed the stories. We did manage to get there in time for crafts, and the babies colored with crayons for the first time. Behold their masterpieces:

The bookstore had a pet rabbit in a cage, which Henry and Eleanor went nuts for. Henry meowed at it, which made me realize he maybe hasn’t ever seen a rabbit, now that Friendly Neighborhood Cat is around to control the critter population. Eleanor did her “I see an animal! Yay!” squeal and did a little happy dance.

Afterwards we walked to the coffee shop with fellow twin mom Shelley and her cutie-patooties Gavin & Emery. We sat outside and Henry drank 95% of my strawberry smoothie. We sat across the window from a group of men eating lunch. I got a kick out of seeing them smile and wave at the babies. Usually it’s women or old people that give Henry and Eleanor attention when we’re out in public. Two sets of boy/girl twins must have been quite the sight!

I’m happy we enjoyed some fresh air with fun friends, because the weather turned yucky that afternoon. Henry and Eleanor got cranky to match all the rain. They seem to argue over toys and my attention more than they used to. Luckily they are still buddies most of the time, so I have moments of cuteness to balance out the sibling squabbles that I know are here to stay.


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