A Kinda Disorganized Weekend Review

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Highlights from the weekend, in somewhat random order and without good segues between paragraphs:

We enjoyed a visit from Richard, Donna, and Marcy on Saturday. Henry and Eleanor were shy when they arrived, but quickly warmed up to them and even cried when they left. Eleanor enjoyed a long snuggle on Richard’s shoulder.

We ate almost an entire bag of candy corn. Candy corn and candy pumpkins are clearly the best parts of Fall. Sugary autumnal deliciousness!

I worked on my twins club newsletter, did a little cleaning, organized my closet, cooked some chili and did some laundry.

Henry’s new favorite toy is the flashlight. He loves to shine it on his face and make the light zig zag across the ceiling.

Tonight Eleanor shook her head and screamed when I gave her the orange cup of milk (am I the WORST MOTHER EVER or what?). Ten minutes later, she started whining because she had the blue cup of milk, and Henry had better give her the orange cup NOW. Toddlers.

This afternoon we had some playtime out in the yard. Henry and Eleanor played on their slide, drew on the driveway, watched airplanes fly overhead, meowed at the Friendly Neighborhood Cat, and pointed out passing cars. Look! Pictures!

Just focus on the cuteness instead of the germs.


Friendly Neighborhood Cat, stalking the camera before stalking some chipmunks

Bentley assumes the usual position, unfazed by cat activity

Have I told you how cute my kids are? I have? Like, 92835 times already? Oh. Well, then. Carry on.


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