Yearbook Fun

Friday, September 19, 2008

With the school year underway, I've been thinking ahead to Henry and Eleanor's school years (and being thankful that they're still home with me). We've got awhile before Henry and Eleanor pose for any school portraits, so why don't we imagine what their yearbooks from other eras would look like? Come on, play along, it will be fun!

How about a 1950s Henry?

Hey, Betty, wanna go to the soda fountain with me for a malted?

Or a 1960s Eleanor?

I love to wear my poodle skirt to the library!

Or how about the greatest of all yearbook-photo decades, the 1980s?

Dude, I'll pick you up later in my Iroc-Z! Mötley Crüe RULZ!!!

Like, ohmigod, my hair is, like, so totally rad! Awesome!


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