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Saturday, September 20, 2008

So I discovered this afternoon that my blog is currently the top Google search result for "domo obrigato mr. roboto." Yeah, I don't get it, either. But if you're a Styx fan who's found yourself here, welcome! My twins might not be as awesome as Dennis DeYoung, but feel free to put up your feet and stay a while.

Yes, I am unhappy about this. Can't someone go create a fan site or something? My People's Choice Award and I deserve better than this blog THAT'S NOT EVEN ABOUT STYX OR MY GENIUS SONGWRITING ABILITIES.

(edited to add: well, apparently it's "domo arigato," not "domo obrigato." So if you're a Styx fan that found this site, go brush up on your Japanese. Evidently, I need to do the same.)

(photo from dennisdeyoung.com)


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