18-Month Stats

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Henry and Eleanor went to the the doctor for their 18-month check-up this morning. For those of you keeping score at home, here are their latest stats:

Henry: 23 lb 14 oz

Eleanor: 22 lb 10 oz


Henry: 32.5 inches

Eleanor: 32.75 inches

Head circumference

Henry: 48.5 cm

Eleanor: 47 cm

Weight percentile

Henry: 25th

Eleanor: 25th

Height percentile

Henry: 50th

Eleanor: 75th

Head circumference percentile
Henry: 50th to 75th
Eleanor: 50th to 75th

(yes, I'm sure their heads are big to hold their enormous baby
genius brains)

Band-Aids on legs

Henry: three
Eleanor: three

Amount cried

Henry: just when he got his shots

Eleanor: from the time she got undressed until she was back in the car

Level of awesomeness
Henry: infinity
Eleanor: infinity


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