17 Things at 17 Months: Henry Edition

Thursday, September 4, 2008

1. He has the longest eyelashes ever.
2. He calls his stuffed dinosaur a “dog.”
3. He likes to say “Yeah! Yeah!” when pointing out something.
4. He’s obsessed with anything technology—cell phones, tv remotes, computers, cameras, etc.
5. He says “cracker,” “Dad,” and “door.”
6. He likes to sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” “The Wheels on the Bus,” and “Elmo’s World.”
7. He’s very interested in cars and trucks and loves to point them out wherever he goes. “Cah! Cah!”
8. He likes to climb on the back of the couch.
9. He likes to “dress” himself and can often be found wearing hats or glasses or pajamas draped around his neck.
10. He likes to throw balls and calls the apples on our tree “balls,” too.
11. He’s eaten guacamole, burritos, sausage, and two kinds of fish.
12. He likes to go “aaaaahhhh!” when he’s doing something silly.
13. He didn’t complain once during his first haircut.
14. He makes a funny “disgusted” face when he’s mad.
15. He likes to drain the water at the end of his bath.
16. He looks out his bedroom window when he’s in his crib.
17. His sweet face can make me teary-eyed.


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