Thursday, April 1, 2010

Their first birthday was more a toast to Andy and me for surviving the first year with twins.

Their second birthday was more about squealing over the balloons decorating the house OMG BALLOONS than realizing they were another year older.

This was the first year Henry and Eleanor got it. They understood they were having a birthday, and that they were turning three, and cake and presents would be involved.

Which made this birthday so much more fun.

Both sets of grandparents spent the weekend celebrating with us, showering the kids with presents and affection.

Henry and Eleanor were anxious for the festivities to begin. Eleanor told us all, “I’m ready to get my party started.” Henry consulted his brand-new watch and declared, “It’s cake time!”

And there was, of course, cake. Sorry about the whole “Mommy accidentally purchased trick candles” thing, kids.

We took advantage of the sunshine.

We braved the spring break crowds to dig dinosaurs and ride horses at the Children’s Museum.

Best of all, we marveled at the wonderful kids Henry and Eleanor are. Even if they now expect presents on a daily basis. Hmm…perhaps we still have work to do on understanding birthdays, after all.


Em said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful kids.

Aimee said...

The little slugger picture is priceless! Glad you guys had a fun day/weekend!

punkinmama said...

Congrats on surviving another year with twins! Looks like they had a wonderful celebration!

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