At least cabin fever isn't fatal

Friday, January 29, 2010

I know I really shouldn’t complain. Because:

Henry and Eleanor rarely get SICK sick. I mean, they weren’t in the pharmacy computer any more because it had been that long since they had a prescription.

Puke has not been involved.

I haven’t had to cook in over a week thanks to germs and a lack of appetite.

We have good health insurance.

The people I’m trapped at home with are pretty stinkin’ cute.

But I’m still feeling pretty WOE IS ME. Because:

We have been stuck at home since last Wednesday.

I’ve lost track of how many days in a row I’ve worn these sweatpants.

Don’t ask me how clean my house is.

Because Henry and Eleanor weren’t acting that sick, I let them go almost a week before I thought, “hmm…perhaps I should take them to the doctor,” only to find they each had an ear infection and are now both on Augmentin. And Eleanor’s STILL not better so she’s going back to the doctor this afternoon. Mother of the Year, that’s me. (UPDATE: One chest x-ray later, and Eleanor has a touch of pneumonia in her right lung. New antibiotics and two weeks of nebulizer treatments. Awesome.)

When I went to urgent care on Sunday, Doctor #1 told me I had a bacterial infection (Augmentin for me, too), and when I went BACK to urgent care last night due to all-day headaches all week, Doctor #2 told me I had a virus. Which, yes, I realize that medicine is often more of an art than a science, but seriously JUST COME TO A CONSENSUS AS TO THE IDENTITY OF MY GERMS.

We’ve had to miss a playgroup and a twins club meeting and a MOPS meeting and it’s been so long since I’ve interacted with society in a non-illness-related capacity that I apologize in advance to my friends if I seem like Jodie Foster in Nell when I see you all again.

Have you changed the diapers of a kid on antibiotics? Yeah.

So we’re all going a bit stir crazy, but at least I’ve never heard of a fatality from cabin fever, so there’s that. And Eleanor’s medicine bottle has provided me with entertainment:

Yes, it’s warning Eleanor that her birth control might not work. I know there’s pressure for girls nowadays to grow up too fast, but geez, Walgreens, she’s TWO.


Aimee said...

Hate it that you guys have been so sick! We miss you!

Em said...

Oh my. That picture is adorable. Eleanor's hair is amazing. :) Does she always put her arm around Henry like that? So sweet.

Hope everyone is starting to feel better today!

*big virtual healing hugs to the fam*

designHER Momma said...

let us know when you are ready for a pla ydate. Because it's on - at our house. (and twitter solves my cabin fever every time. (you know they are real people in there?)

designHER Momma said...

and she looks just like you....

the kringalings said...

Get well... we're starting in on some of that Cabin Fever - must be contagious from a distance. Computer virus?

Anonymous said...

It may not be fatal, but it does seem to destroy brain cells at an alarming rate. I am so sorry everyone is sick - and that it is one thing after another! And antibiotic diapers . . . yuck.

(And I did the same thing with Maren last spring . . . she was sick, but not that sick - 10 days later the pediatrician looked at me like I had 5 heads for not bringing her in sooner and wrote out a prescription for the ear infection she had.)

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