Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Well, NaBloPoMo came to an end, and yay me! 30 posts in 30 days. Whew! Are you tired of me talking about myself yet? That was a lot of Flesworthy. And yay Andy! for writing every day in November, too. He wrote around 20,000 words (that’s around 70 pages), or at least he says he did, he hasn’t let me read anything yet. In fact, I went all of November and just found out like 45 seconds ago that his story/novel/whatever contains time travel and baseball.

So after all those daily posts, this blog really became a habit and I’ve felt anxious yesterday and today for not posting, like I’m forgetting something. Although I really have nothing to update, except for the fact that toddler beds have been somewhat of a nightmare. No naps, or napping in pack & plays after chasing children back to bed (or child, I should say—I’m looking at you, Henry), and repeating the process again at bedtime. I calculated that I spent three hours yesterday trying to get kids to go to bed and go to sleep. Yeah, that’s just as much fun as it sounds.

In happier news, I’m surprising myself by kinda really honestly loving my Snuggie. Feel free to mock me, I’m laughing right along beside you. But you get all of the warm, snuggly benefits of being comfy under a blanket, and your arms are warm but still available to, say, cram three-fourths of a bag of Trader Joe’s kettle corn into your mouth while watching The Wire.

So, in summary, beds suck, Snuggies don’t. And after those exciting updates you’re probably thankful NaBloPoMo doesn’t include December, too.


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