Flesworthy Family Fun: Holiday Happiness

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last Wednesday Andy took the day off, and we decided to do some Important Family Holiday Bonding. We headed to the Children’s Museum, where we let the kids skip their nap (yeah, we paid for that later) and spent five wonderful, fun-filled hours. We packed in so much that at the end of our visit it was hard to remember what we did at the beginning of our visit.

The best thing about going mid-week on a day of crappy weather was the lack of crowds. Which meant lack of lines for the big slide that appears at the museum every December. The kids and I slid at least 5 or 6 times, hopping up to race back to the elevator to slide again. I love that thing, so I was happy the kids liked it, too, or I would have been the creepy-sad grown-up going by herself.

I was hoping we’d get our Santa photo while there, but no way did Henry and Eleanor let that happen. “No! I no wanna see Santa!” they exclaimed, with a tone in their voice that indicated that they would throw the mother of all tantrums if we pushed the issue. So alas, a follow-up to last year’s photo might not happen.

We finished up the day with the kids’ first viewing of A Charlie Brown Christmas. We had to assure Henry there were no monsters (the abominable snowman scared him during last week’s viewing of Rudolph), but we all enjoyed a snuggle on the couch, some crack Trader Joe’s kettle corn, and Andy and I got to pass on one of our favorite childhood holiday shows.


E said...

That looks like SO much fun! :) What a cool slide.

Shelley said...

Man I miss that museum, especially now that the kids are old enough to realize how awesome it is!

And yes.....I'm a little behind on reading your blog posts. :-)

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