Movie Night

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I popped up a big bowl of popcorn, Andy put Wall-E in the DVD player, and Henry and Eleanor joined us on the couch this afternoon for our first-ever family movie night. (Yes, “movie night” during late afternoon; not even family togetherness messes with bedtime around here.)

The kids were very excited over the robots. Henry sat enthralled for the entire movie. Eleanor, in typical Eleanor fashion, was interested but got up at regular intervals to get her doll, or “cook” us supper, or ask for more milk.

And Andy and I shared a look over the kids’ heads, asking each other in disbelief, “Is this really us?” Disbelief that Henry and Eleanor are growing so fast and old enough for family activities. Disbelief, still, that we finally had our family. Popcorn and a movie takes on new meaning when you thought you’d never be lucky enough to have children next to you on the couch yelling “robots!”


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