Monday, November 2, 2009

I’m making a packing list as I get ready to head to my hometown tomorrow, so I thought I’d continue with my list-making.

Things Henry and/or Eleanor pitched a screaming fit about before noon today
putting on shoes
shoe velcro
putting on coats
zipping up coats
having to go to playgroup
arriving at playgroup
taking off coats
taking off shoes
walking in parking lot
being picked up in parking lot
not wanting sippy cup
wanting sippy cup
not following our friends’ car home

Beer in fridge I considered drinking at lunch
Goose Island Honker’s Ale
Bell’s Oberon
Shiner Bock

Stuff to do before leaving tomorrow
update iPod playlist
watch last week’s Project Runway
cook supper
make sorry attempt at catching up on email
write packing list

Things I have done instead of accomplishing above list
watched Sesame Street
checked Facebook
posted to Twitter
poured another glass of Diet Coke
grumbled about how early it gets dark out now
posted to blog


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