Hometown Highlights

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kids and I are back from our trip to my hometown. We did all the usual stuff that we usually do on our trips home. Lots of playing outside (in the yard and in the park)(wow did we ever have beautiful weather), feeding the fish, lots of grandparent kisses and snuggles, hearing “oh they’re JUST TOO CUTE” a billion gajillion times.

We also went to the barber for haircuts for Henry and Grandpa, went out for ice cream, and my dad and I watched the Salukis make a basket with a half-second on the clock to win the game.

When we were on the final leg of our trip Henry told me, “take me back home Carterville please.” And when Andy asked a grouchy-all-evening-and-now-crying-for-no-reason Eleanor if she were crying about her grandma, she sobbed, “yeeeeessssss.” If only my kids loved their grandparents.

Some photos of all the fun:


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