Flesworthy Family Fun: Lots of Lake Lists

Monday, August 3, 2009

We just got back from another week at the lake, grateful to have a bonus week at the spot where Andy’s family has spent the summer for over 100 years. I’m still recuperating from the cold I brought home with me, so I’ll just tell you about our week with lists. Lists don’t require composing full sentences.

Days I thought it would rain, if the weather forecasts were to be believed:

Actual rainy days:

Books I read:
Mount Dragon by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee Child
Coraline by Neil Gaiman
Little Cloud by Eric Carle
Have You Seen My Cat? by Eric Carle

Lyrics to the first song Henry ever created, debuted while snuggling on the porch swing:

Dump truck

Racing car

©2009 by Henry, all rights reserved

Ice cream flavors consumed:
vanilla/chocolate swirl
bear claw
strawberry cheesecake
mint chocolate chip
cow tippin’
moose tracks
mackinaw island fudge

library tote bag
Organic Persian Peach White tea
lavender soap

Restaurants where we dined:
Art’s Tavern
Sugarfoot Saloon
Da Dawg House

Restaurants where we should have quickly realized that despite calling it a “family” restaurant we were going to be the youngest people and have the loudest table as soon as we saw the whole menu page devoted to the senior citizen specials:

Henry and Eleanor’s favorite activities:
throwing rocks at the beach
dumping sand in each other’s hair at the beach
pretending to fish off of the dock
pretending to be a garbage truck
playing with Legos on the porch
riding the merry-go-round at the playground

Mommy’s favorite activities:
lounging on the futon with Henry and Eleanor and reading bedtime stories

People that obviously need to get out more, considering that out of a large, mostly-empty lake they chose a close-up view of the 30-pounds-overweight chick in a mom swimming suit:
The passengers of boat MC6034SK, who dropped anchor on our property and stayed the afternoon, despite us making it known that hey, it sure would be a good idea to move your boat, since you’re kinda trespassing and in our spot and we’re trying to swim

Don't mind us! We'll just sit here with our questionable social skills!

Photos that remind me of album covers, because the kids are looking in different directions just like bands do to prove they are artsy and cooler than you:

From their debut album Here, Take My Cracker

Featuring the smash hit single, Tractor

Photo angle that I didn’t realize I overused until I got home and loaded all my photos into iPhoto:
the back of Henry and Eleanor

Other photos conveying the fun of our week and/or the cuteness of my children:


Emily said...

Honestly! THOSE ARE SOME CUTE KIDS! They are like celebrity baby cute! Except even cuter than that! I love the album covers. :)

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