Move Over, Julia Child

Thursday, July 16, 2009

When your children have been watching an inordinate amount of television, what better way to get them off the couch than to cook some junk food with them?

That’s what I did yesterday, when Henry and Eleanor and I baked some brownies. I had never cooked with the kids before, so I was slightly worried the activity would be a messy disaster. Other than Eleanor licking raw egg off of her spoon, it was a success.

Henry and Eleanor were a little confused at the whole “the brownies need to cook in the oven” concept. Eleanor kept asking me, “brownies coming back?”

Look, the brownies came back! And they were quite delicious at supper, too.


Anonymous said...

we did this with cookies a while back and both my girls threw tantrums when they went in the oven, not knowing what to do....recovering quickly when I let them decorate :-) -Aimee

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