Balance Beams and Burgers

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Last Friday, the babies and I met our friend Christen and her cutie-pie twins, Thomas and Veronica, at a local gymnastic center for a morning of fun. I knew Henry and Eleanor would enjoy running around, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Henry having the time of his life. Henry has always lagged a little behind Eleanor physically—she crawled first, walked first, jumped first. But Henry was my one that ran around the gym trying out all the equipment. He figured out, all by himself, how to swing from a bar, and soon Eleanor was following his lead. He loved jumping into the big pit of foam blocks, bouncing on the trampolines, and sought out a balance beam to trek across. Be sure to tune in to NBC in 2028 to catch Henry’s Summer Olympic debut!

After our playdate, we headed to Steak n Shake for lunch with Christen and her kiddos. I’m sure the Steak n Shake staff inwardly groaned when they spotted four two-year-olds walking in the place. Getting us settled at a table was quite the chore—find a table big enough, locate four high chairs, rearrange seating, buckle in four toddlers, distribute crayons and Steak n Shake hats (“cooking hats,” as my two called them).

two moms – one mom snapping the picture + two sets of two-year-old twins = controlled chaos

As one woman was leaving the restaurant, she stopped at our table to tell us how cute and well-behaved our children were. Thanks, Stranger Lady Leaving the Restaurant, for making me feel like a pretty kick-ass mom! (And thanks to Christen and family for a fun morning out and about.)


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