Two Weeks Ago: Twintastic!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I am so way behind on my blogging duties. Before I tell you about the fun week the babies and I just enjoyed in Carterville, let’s back up to the week before that.

The first week of March involved twins, twins, and more twins. Monday night was book club with some fun ladies from twins club. Tuesday was story time at the library, which was packed with kids (no other twins, but there was another Eleanor in attendance—a name twin, let’s call her). Wednesday night I compiled some easy-to-cook meals with other moms at a twins club fundraiser. On Thursday we went to the zoo with friend and twin-mom (plus one-adorable-singleton-mom) Melissa. Friday morning involved another playdate with Melissa and her boys. On Saturday morning I arose early to shop at another local twins club’s consignment sale.

Are you twinned out yet? The other notable aspect of two weeks ago was the beautiful weather we enjoyed at the end of the week. We took advantage of the warmth with trips to the zoo and park on both Thursday and Saturday, as well as some backyard recreation. It’s so nice to be outside!


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