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Thursday, February 5, 2009

This week is almost over, and I haven’t really told you what we’ve been up to, have I? Let’s see…

On Monday, I was stuck at home all day with Henry and Eleanor because Andy had the Camry because the Ford was in the shop getting a new alternator and some belt-thing, or thing that goes with the belt-thing (behold my impressive car knowledge). Note to self: quit being stuck at home all day with Henry and Eleanor because you start to go crazy at about the third Signing Time video.

On Tuesday, we woke up to a mini-blizzard, but I was determined to leave the house come hell or high water/snow, so we trekked to the library for story time. There are several metal plates on the wall where story time meets (covering up outlets or something?) and Henry always presses them, and then looks to see if the door is opening. It cracks me up every time. I know why he does this—we have a double stroller, so I always use the handicapped entrances to places, which involves pressing the metal button to open the door. After story time, I checked out some books, while Henry and Eleanor pressed the buttons on the water fountain and squealed with delight, to the amusement of the library workers. I had my newly-checked-out books in the diaper bag, but had to remove them and sit them on the counter to get out hats and mittens. I then proceeded to leave behind the books I had checked out like three minutes earlier. Awesome.

On Tuesday night I spent a wonderful evening out with my friend and former co-worker, Beth. We went to a nearby restaurant to enjoy a five-course wine-tasting meal. It was fun to get caught up with Beth, while learning about (and drinking) wine and eating delicious food—crab cakes, salad with black cherry vinaigrette, pasta with chorizo, parmesan-crusted chicken, and dark chocolate Texas sheet cake. Yum!

Yesterday morning was very very very cold, so the babies and I stayed in our jammies all morning, then took a nap. After naptime we ran to the Children’s Museum for a fun hour or so of merriment. The toddler area was closed for maintenance, so we rode the carousel, visited our friends in the fishpond, scooped up fake rocks, and got three feet into the new Lego exhibit before Eleanor noticed the slide.

Last night I made curry chicken for supper. I mixed a little of the sauce with the babies’ rice, and they ate it, along with naan bread, which they wolfed down. Wheeee! I might actually get back to my beloved Indian buffet at some point in my lifetime!

After our curry-licious meal, I drove downtown to check out my sister’s new apartment. It’s very twee, and right in the middle of my favorite street downtown. We walked across the street to grab a bite and a beer, discussing her fun weekend, where she’s going to fit all her stuff, and how the art at the corner, of a woman dancing, looks like a hooker, which might not be what the artist intended.

So yesterday we had nothing planned for the morning, and therefore the babies were awake at 7:30. But today? When we had a playgroup starting at 10:00? I startled awake at 9:15, realizing that the house was quiet. Ugh, I hate that feeling of “oh no! I’m late!” especially when there are two additional people that I need to feed, clothe, and get out of the house. I threw some cereal bars at Henry and Eleanor while I ran down the hall to pop in contacts and scoop up outfits and shoes. We hurried out the door, and then of course we couldn’t find the place, tucked away from the road behind a strip mall. Once we arrived, all disheveled, we managed to enjoy ourselves. The playgroup was a music class held at a daycare center—I laughed to myself when I heard one of the instructors tell the other, “I couldn’t imagine having two the same age!” Which yeah, twins are hard work despite all the rewards, but if you don’t think you could handle two children the same age, ummmm, why are you working at a DAYCARE CENTER?

After playgroup, we called Andy and picked him up for an impromptu lunch date. We headed to Santorini, my favorite place to have lunch. We hadn’t been there in almost a year—the last time Henry and Eleanor were kinda loud, and I totally knocked their plate off the table while trying to cut up food, spilling ketchup across the carpet, as a waiter walked by and yelled, “Opa!” We had a much better time today. The waiters and one of the owners were very attentive to us and especially the babies, and best of all, they had an elderly lady there playing the piano. Henry and Eleanor said, “more dance!” as she finished each song, and she played “Jesus Loves Me” just for them. The sweet piano lady came over to chat, and Andy and I were thrilled when she told Eleanor she had “the most beautiful blue eyes.” Henry’s always had comments on his big blue eyes and not-fair-you’re-a-boy long, long eyelashes, so we were thrilled that Eleanor got some eye recognition.

But the music to my ears, even more than the piano music, was hearing Eleanor say “more falafel.” I let her taste some of mine, and she might have thought I was saying “waffle,” but in any case she loved it and asked for more. She even dipped her fries in my tzatziki sauce. I might love falafel more than peanut butter and Diet Coke, so this made me very happy.

Tomorrow is another busy day, with playgroup in the morning, home appraisal in the afternoon, and parents arriving in the evening. We’re moving Julie into her apartment this weekend, and will have family in town, so don’t fret if I’m not back until Sunday or so. When I’m back I’ll bring photos, I promise!


Shelley said...

How funny that Henry is trying to open doors!

Mmmmm, Santorini. I miss that place....nothing quite like it in Texas!

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