Snow Day

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Winter has arrived—we’ve had snow a couple of times this week. Henry and Eleanor seem very interested in the snow. They’ll point outside and exclaim, “No! No!” and have enjoyed seeing it drift down from the sky and accumulate on the ground.

I needed to take a photo for our Christmas cards, so this afternoon we bundled up, grabbed the camera, and headed to the backyard for some family snapshots. Afterward we let Henry and Eleanor play on the driveway. We weren’t outside for long; without hats and mittens we got cold pretty fast. But there was enough time for a quick jaunt on the driveway, kicking up the snow on the ground and watching the flakes land on our coats. This was Henry and Eleanor’s first time to play in the snow. I love getting to watch the world through their eyes and treasure experiencing new things with them.


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