Christmas in Champaign: Saturday & Sunday

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Saturday morning’s highlight was exchanging gifts. Or, more aptly called, “Recession? What recession? Here, Henry and Eleanor, have another toy.” To say that my children are incredibly spoiled is an understatement.

It was fun to watch everybody open their gifts. Henry helped Daddy tear off wrapping paper and really enjoyed the books and Matchbox cars he received. Eleanor, on the other hand, was a bit grouchy. Tired, maybe? Overwhelmed? Whatever the reason, opening gifts with Eleanor went a little like this:

Mommy: Look, Eleanor, a present! Help Mommy take off the wrapping paper!
Eleanor: no no no NO NO NONONONONO no no
Mommy: Wow, Eleanor! Look! It’s a sweater your Grandma knitted just for you!
Eleanor: NONO no NO no no no NO NO NO

She seemed more fascinated by the lights on the Christmas tree, but came around for a new Horton Hears a Who book containing a Horton puppet, and a new baby doll.

After admiring everyone’s loot, it was time for lunch and some yummy soup. Molly and I then went out for a bit to do some shopping on campus. We hit up a small boutique, Urban Outfitters, Starbucks, the Apple store, then to Papa Del’s to pick up some frozen pizza to take home. Molly is so much fun to shop with (way more fun than Andy), although I’m sure she got tired of me exclaiming in Urban Outfitters every five minutes that every outfit makes me feel OLD OMG I REMEMBER WHEN THIS WAS IN STYLE THE FIRST TIME IN THE 1980s.

Molly and I got home just as the babies were waking from their nap, so the rest of the day was spent playing. I love seeing the cousins together—Molly gave out snuggles and played peekaboo, Gerrit shared his technology and sunglasses, and Oliver got on the floor to patiently play with the babies. After a cocktail hour, in which the babies gleefully got to dip as many chips in salsa as they wanted, we all sat down to a delicious Christmas dinner. We devoured a roast, potatoes, green beans, and my favorite, Yorkshire pudding.

That night, I stayed up with Gerrit, Oliver, and Molly and chatted and answered random questions on Facebook. It was entertaining to laugh with them and enjoy the smart, funny, and talented young adults they’ve become.

Sunday morning consisted of packing, snapping some photos, and hitting the road. We had a great time in Champaign—boy, did I ever luck out and married into a great family.


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