Up, Up and Away (More Photo-y Goodness)

Monday, October 20, 2008

We've covered Henry and Eleanor's week in Carterville. Wanna know my favorite thing from last week? It was totally getting to fly with my dad. In the plane THAT HE BUILT HIMSELF. Which I have to type in all caps, because seriously, who builds their own plane? Only genius people, that's who.

As I've mentioned before, flying is a big deal in my family, and I hadn't been up with my dad since before I was pregnant with the babies. When we were still in the hangar, some of the airport workers asked if Dad could do a fly-by. I inwardly did cartwheels because yay! those are my favorite! The control tower gave us permission to do it, so we got to buzz down the runway, 20 feet off the ground, going 175 miles per hour, zip past the waving workers, then zoom back in the air we went.

Next we spent almost an hour flying over the area, viewing our neighborhood from above. I love to see the street I grew up on, looking like a toy train set or my own personal Google Earth. We also flew over the lake and wildlife refuge, noticing how the trees are starting to turn color.

Here, take a look at my fun afternoon up in the sky:

the plane that my dad BUILT HIMSELF

this is 211 Lima Foxtrot, ready for takeoff

approaching the runway, on our way to do a fly-by

the clouds are prettier when you're up in them, don'tcha think?

that curvy street is mine (I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block)

my dad, flying the plane THAT HE BUILT HIMSELF

autumn has almost, but not quite, arrived

I feel like I'm getting out of the Back to the Future car


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