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Thursday, October 2, 2008

With the lack of anything exciting happening (been at home all day, watching the babies squabble over toys), let's have another round of recent cute happenings:

Henry loves all of the stuffed teddy bears in the house. He’ll say “bear!” and hug them, rocking back and forth.

Eleanor saw a picture of me, then walked over to me, patted my leg and said “ma.”

Henry walks around in his overalls with his hand in his left pocket.

Eleanor was wearing a shirt with embroidered polka dots, and Henry pressed them like they were buttons.

Henry was eating yogurt with a spoon out of a little bowl, and gave up and tipped the bowl like a cup and drank the yogurt instead.

When I’m sitting at the computer, Eleanor will stand in the green chair and lean over for a kiss.

Henry has monkey faces on his Robeez, and he points at them and goes “hee hee hee” like a monkey.

If you need Eleanor to play with a certain toy, just give it to Henry. She loves to grab toys from her brother.

Both babies start singing “la la la la” when Elmo comes on Sesame Street.

When Henry and Eleanor go on wagon rides, they like to yell in unison.


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